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Rosé (BLACKPINK) admits to being befuddled in Korea.

As a multi-talented and beautiful female idol, Rosé is very sought after in K-pop. However, behind the glory, she is also under a lot of pressure, even feeling lost in her home country of Korea. Rosé was always afraid of being excluded from BLACKPINK’s debut lineup during her trainee days.
Recently, Rosé appeared extremely charismatic in Vogue Australia. Besides the beautiful photos, the female idol also shared the pressure she had to undergo since she was a trainee. Her stories made people sad.
Born in Auckland (New Zealand) and raised in Melbourne (Australia), Rosé has had a love for music since childhood. However, the female idol never thought her dream would come true. At that time, Rosé just thought she would live everyday life, working as an art teacher.
However, thanks to her father, Rosé auditioned for YG Entertainment and moved back to Korea to fulfil her dream. After 4 years as a trainee, Rosé finally debuted with BLACKPINK.
Talking about life during her 4 years of training, Rosé only envisions in 4 words “constant combat”. The main vocalist of BLACKPINK said that 12 girls were practising together at that time, but Rosé was the newest. Here has caused the female idol to fall into anxiety and panic. At that time, Rosé could only tell herself: “If I don’t catch up, I will be eliminated and sent back to Australia, where I told all my friends that I would drop out of school and go make my dream come true. my dream”.
Therefore, Rosé constantly tries to prove her ability and talent. “Finally I fought, trained for my life. I didn’t have time to slack off. I remember that I spent every minute and every second working, to be able to achieve it”, the goddess narrative image.
However, no matter how strong, there are times when Rosé is weak. Although she is of Korean descent, she grew up in Australia, so she sometimes feels lost in her hometown.
Earlier in Rolling Stone magazine, Rosé also said that she was under a lot of pressure despite debuting with BLACKPINK for 6 years, especially during the disease outbreak. She shared, “I’ve never had a break like that in my life, and that’s the worst. I’m a workaholic. I can’t stand the fact that suddenly all of their schedules. I’m both empty for the next two to three months. I’m starting to think what if people don’t care about me or us at the end of this epidemic? What am I going to do with the rest of my life?”
Although under a lot of pressure, Rosé is always intense and tries to overcome. This makes fans love and appreciate the female idol even more.



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