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Rosé surpasses Jisoo and Jennie (Blackpink), bringing the highest media value.

Data analysis platform Lefty has just announced the ranking of the most influential stars and brings the highest media value for fashion brands within the framework of Paris Women’s Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2023.
The rankings show the engagement rate (%) on Instagram accounts and the media value (EMV) the artist brings to the brand.
In this Fashion Week season, 3 Blackpink members, Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie, continue to attend as ambassadors for fashion houses Saint Laurent (YSL), Dior, and Chanel.
However, the ranking of 3 K-pop stars has changed.
After 3 consecutive seasons at the top of the chart, Jisoo let Rosé overtake her, occupying the No. 1 position, with $ 9.9 million in media value brought to YSL – her brand as a global ambassador.
Jisoo is in second place with $7.7 million in media value for Dior. Dior’s global female ambassador proves her influence when she regularly ranks high on the EMV charts.
Recently, Jisoo has been the face with the highest median value at High Fashion Week Spring Summer 2023. The female idol brought Dior 21.9 million USD EMV.
Right after Rosé and Jisoo in this Paris Fashion Week season are Jennie.
The female rapper only had 1 day to accumulate points because Chanel’s show was held at the end of the season, but Jennie still created $ 6.2 million in media value for the brand.
The surprising face on this chart is actress Zendaya.
Zendaya is the brand ambassador for Valentino. She was a familiar face in Valentino’s show in previous fashion weeks. But this season, Zendaya appeared surprised at the Louis Vuitton show and made the media explode.
Zendaya brought Louis Vuitton $ 6.2 million in media value, ranked 4th.
Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner affirmed her attraction when she continued to appear on the chart with the Top 5 position and $ 5.8 million EMV for the Coperni brand.
Kylie Jenner is always in the Top 10 at any Fashion Week she attends. Beauty is also the VIP guest face of a series of different brands.
Along with the media value created by the stars, those fashion brands also lead the list for the highest brand media value.
This season, YSL reached the Top 1 with 27.6 million USD EMV. Dior ranked in the Top 2 with 26.6 million USD EMV. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton rose to the top and generated $26.3 million in media value.
Although Jennie ranked Top 3 on the celebrity rankings, Chanel only ranked Top 6 in brand communication value.
In addition, fans expressed their regret that Lefty did not rank Lisa because the Celine fashion house did not participate in Fashion Week like other brands but held a separate show in Paris on February 10.



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