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“Rumored Dating: Does Lisa BLACKPINK Receive Approval from the Frederic Arnault Family?”

In recent days, speculation about Lisa BLACKPINK’s romantic involvement with Frederic Arnault has gained momentum, particularly after the pair were allegedly spotted together in Greece. With the emergence of intriguing social media posts involving Lisa and the Arnault family, one question remains: has the “Money” crooner received the family’s blessing?

On Thursday, August 10th, new claims surfaced suggesting that Lisa had embarked on a trip to Greece, accompanied by none other than Frederic Arnault’s family. The conjecture gained traction due to the uncanny resemblance between Lisa’s photos and those of Frederic’s sister-in-law, Geraldine Guyot-Arnault.

Recently, Lisa shared a series of photos showcasing her summer fashion, donning distinct yellow dresses. It was Geraldine Guyot-Arnault herself who not only liked but also commented on Lisa’s post. This seemingly innocuous interaction has ignited suspicions surrounding the nature of Lisa and Frederic’s relationship.

Prior to this, internet users had speculated that Lisa had partaken in a double date to the Greek island of Zakynthos with Frédéric Arnault and his brother-in-law. The speculation was prompted by the distinctive rock formations on a Greek beach in Lisa’s post, which bore striking resemblance to Geraldine Guyot Arnault’s uploads.

Moreover, eagle-eyed netizens observed that Frederic’s brother had liked Lisa’s post with the caption “Nyonya @frederic.arnault,” a gesture interpreted by some as a subtle show of support from the Arnault family for the blossoming romance between Frederic and Lisa.

Meanwhile, rumors of Lisa’s romantic involvement with Frederic Arnault began circulating when a photo surfaced depicting her leaning against a figure believed to be Frederic himself. It’s worth noting that this individual is not your average person; he is a French conglomerate and the CEO of TAG Heuer.

Interestingly, since October 2022, BLACKPINK has been immersed in their “BORN PINK” tour, captivating audiences across Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania. The tour included an encore performance at Bangkok’s Rajamangala National Stadium on May 27th and 28th. Following their Bangkok gigs, the group continued to captivate audiences in Japan, Australia, France, and the United States.

As the speculation regarding Lisa and Frederic’s relationship continues to capture the public’s imagination, fans of BLACKPINK are also eagerly anticipating the group’s upcoming tour dates and the mesmerizing performances that have become their hallmark. Only time will tell whether the rumored romance receives an official “green light” from the Arnault family or remains shrouded in mystery, adding to the allure that surrounds Lisa BLACKPINK.

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