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Rumors Swirl Around BLACKPINK’s Jennie Forming Her Own Management Company.

Recent developments in the K-pop world have sparked widespread speculation, particularly about Jennie, the celebrated member of BLACKPINK. On November 16th, social media platforms were abuzz with rumors about Jennie’s future after she was seen at the Tamburins Popup event accompanied by her managers, Jaemin and Hosup, who are reportedly no longer with YG Entertainment.

This sighting fueled fan speculations about Jennie’s next move, especially in the context of BLACKPINK’s uncertain future. Since July, there has been no update on BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment, except for ongoing negotiations. This uncertainty is amplified by individual members’ actions post-contract.

Jennie, in particular, has been at the center of these speculations, especially after observations suggested she might have left YG Entertainment with her managers. Amidst this uncertainty, Jennie seems to have taken a calculated step by filing trademark applications for “Jennie Ruby Jane” across ten different categories, ranging from food and beverages to jewelry and luxury goods. This move has intensified discussions among her followers, who are also expressing concerns about BLACKPINK’s future.

Adding to the anxiety, there’s news that Lisa’s manager, after a five-year tenure at YG Entertainment, updated their LinkedIn profile, indicating their departure from the company. These developments are leading some observers to believe that Jennie might be in the process of establishing her own management company.

However, as of now, these remain speculations. BLACKPINK fans, as well as the individual members, await backstage revelations and final decisions to be announced by YG. The situation remains a hot topic, with the future of one of K-pop’s biggest acts hanging in the balance.

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