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Ryujin’s ITZY Photo at the Fashion Event Mistaken for Han So Hee and Song Hye Kyo.

ITZY’s visual, Shin Ryujin, caused quite a stir with her appearance at a fashion event on Friday, September 8th. Ryujin, along with Lia and Chaeryeong, was among the guests representing the Canada Goose brand.

Ryujin once again showcased her perfect girl crush image in her outfit for the occasion. Additionally, she exuded a sexy and bold aura throughout the event. The beautiful idol, born in 2001, donned a black turtle neck crop top paired with baggy black jeans featuring a flared design at the knees. Ryujin’s style was elevated with a beige jacket worn as an outer layer. In some moments, it was revealed that Ryujin’s turtle neck shirt had a daring side design with ties on the sides, making her overall look even bolder when viewed from the front.

One of the unedited photos of Ryujin, shared by a fan site on Twitter, quickly went viral. Many were left in awe when they saw the picture for the first time. This was because, at a glance, the idol under JYP Entertainment was mistaken for Han So Hee. Ryujin and So Hee have often been compared for their striking resemblance to the point where some have speculated they might be siblings.

In addition to So Hee, Ryujin has also been said to resemble Song Hye Kyo. Her latest photo led some to believe it was an old picture of Hye Kyo.

“Ryujin? She looks like Han So Hee or Song Hye Kyo 😭,” exclaimed one fan on Twitter. “I thought it was Song Hye Kyo,” said another. “Oh my god! She really looks like Han Sohee,” commented someone else. “Honestly, I thought this was Han Sohee,” said another fan. “Song Hye Kyo??? Han Sohee??? Shin Ryujin?????” chimed in yet another.

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