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Sad, Son Ye Jin Reaps Criticism After Playing Judes Girl, Hyun Bin’s Wife’s Acting Becomes Talking Material.

For fans of Korean dramas, the name of actress Son Ye Jin must be familiar to the ears.
Besides being known as an excellent actress, Son Ye Jin is also known as the wife of the handsome actor Hyun Bin.
Son Ye Jin has been struggling with acting for two decades. Son Ye Jin’s acting skills have also received recognition from many parties. This woman, born in 1982, earned the nickname ‘Queen of Romantic Comedy. Launching Koreaboo, Son Ye Jin has won many prestigious awards, such as Best Actress from the Grand Bell in 2014 and 2016 and the Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular Actress in 2020.
Son Ye Jin has acted in many dramas and films throughout her artistic career.
In almost all of her works, this one actress often plays a woman who is beautiful, elegant, and gentle.
After being active in this industry for over 20 years, Son Ye Jin’s reputation remains at the top.
Although often adored by fans, Son Ye Jin has also been flooded with criticism for her acting.
In particular, she played Yoo Mi Ho in the movie “White Night” with Go Soo.
According to Kbizoom, “White Night” is an adaptation of the famous mystery novel “Byakuyako” by Japanese writer Higashino Keigo published in 1999.
With her beauty, Son Ye Jin is said to be perfect for playing the female lead, as if Yukiho (her character’s name in the original story) came out of a book.
Son Ye Jin looks charming and fragile but still exudes a mysterious aura in “White Night”.
However, according to many reviews, Son Ye Jin’s acting as Yoo Mi Ho did not live up to expectations.
In the original story, Yoo Mi Ho is a woman with a goddess-like appearance but is cruel, bitchy, and cold-hearted.
Son Ye Jin’s acting was not bad, but she brought an entirely different version of Yoo Mi Ho, thus disappointing novel readers.
To participate in “White Night,” Son Ye Jin reportedly turned down the offer to act in the drama “Iris,” which became a big hit with the final episode recording 41.8% ratings.
Son Ye Jin turned down her role in “Iris” and gave Kim Tae Hee a chance to star in the legendary drama of her career.
Meanwhile, “White Night” recorded less than 1 million moviegoers and is considered one of the most forgotten works in Son Ye Jin’s filmography history.



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