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Both Beautiful and Elegant, See the Different Styles of Jennie, Jisoo, and Jung Ho Yeon when Warming Paris Fashion Week.

The prestigious fashion event Paris Fashion Week 2022 was completed from February 28 to March 8, 2022. This Paris Fashion Week event is a highlight moment for lovers of famous fashion trends worldwide. Not a few artists from all over the world were also present to revitalize the 2022 Paris Fashion Week, to compete in style to give the best appearance from the fashion brands they exhibited. Suddenly, celebrities seemed to shine with this event and even raised a hot topic at this event every year.
Launching Kbizoom Wednesday (16/3/2022), like this year, the appearance of these three well-known Korean celebrities made headlines. The main characters mentioned here are two BLACKPINK members, namely Jennie and Jisoo, and K-Drama actress Jung Ho Yeon.
It’s only natural that people who gain significant popularity in Korea and abroad will automatically attract attention once these three Korean idols appear in the event hall.
It was said that the hall was filled with loud cheers as if it was a fan meeting. Let’s take a peek at the elegant beauty portraits of these three K-Celebs, which have elevated Korean status and promoted Asian beauty.
1. Jung Ho Yeon.
Thanks to the success of the drama “Squid Game,” Jung Ho Yeon has been invited to many overseas award ceremonies and swept various awards.
Jung Ho Yeon, who was recognized as a top model even before becoming an actress, is back on the runway for the first time in a while.
Reborn as a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Jung Ho Yeon graced the brand’s event opening ceremony and showcased his triumphant appearance when he returned home.
Jung Ho Yeon, who came on stage, was styled in a sophisticated look with a subtle light base.
The eyeliner has been removed and is shaded in a reddish-brown color.
Mainly, the lip color is expressed to make it look moisturized with a nude glow.
Although Jung Ho Yeon often posts photos of herself in natural makeup on SNS, the makeup for this event has proven the actress to be a “flower.”
2. Jennie BLACKPINK.
As is known so far, Jennie’s appearance always makes people look forward to what style she will wear every time she attends an event. Like at the Paris Fashion Week event, at Chanel’s 2022/2023 Autumn-Winter Ready-to-wear Show, she wore a graceful appearance that accentuated Korean beauty.
Jennie looks like a princess from a historical drama with her black hair styled in a beautiful braid.
The long bangs are made in the 90s ‘antenna’ halved bangs style, adding to the BLACKPINK member’s sweet and elegant impression.
Two ribbons are pinned on her head for a beautiful charm.
Jennie’s makeup, complemented by pink blush and pink nude lips, shows a natural tone-on-tone makeup that is not excessive.
If you want to exude a soft, spring-like vibe like Jennie, pay attention to her style on Chanel shows.
Jisoo’s new hair look, revealed the day she left Korea for Paris, is driving fans around the world crazy. The two-toned hair and blonde ends she tried on for the first time looked stunning.
Even though she was wearing basic makeup and a mask, Jisoo’s goddess aura couldn’t be covered up. At Dior’s Paris Fashion Week, Jisoo appeared with lighter makeup, focusing more on the eyes.
She has a light and subtle base makeup. She applied an orange-brown eyeshadow that blended well with a slightly spiked eyeliner for a softer effect.
Then, dab some glitter on the underline to add highlights.
Lastly, MLBB’s lip color and neat, straight hair make Jisoo’s elegant charm explode.



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