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Seventeen’s S.Coups Faces Setback with Knee Injury: Surgery Required for Recovery.

Seventeen’s charismatic leader, S.Coups, is facing a challenging time as he grapples with a knee injury that has led to the need for surgery. The K-pop sensation’s future activities have been temporarily put on hold, leaving fans anxious about his health and recovery.

The news broke on the 17th, as Pledis Entertainment, the group’s management company, released an official statement titled ‘Seventeen S.Coups Health Status and Future Schedule Information.’ The statement shed light on S.Coups’ current health condition and provided insight into the future course of action.

S.Coups sustained the injury during the filming of a ball game for content production on the 10th. The incident caused significant damage to his left knee, resulting in a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. Immediate medical attention was sought, and a thorough examination, including an MRI, confirmed the severity of the injury, necessitating surgery.

Pledis Entertainment shared, “S.Coups is presently undergoing preliminary medical procedures before the upcoming surgery, following the advice of medical professionals. The surgical intervention will be conducted shortly, and we will keep fans informed about his treatment and subsequent rehabilitation schedule.”

As a consequence of this unfortunate mishap, S.Coups will be unable to participate in most official activities in the foreseeable future. The focus will shift towards his successful recovery through surgery and the subsequent rehabilitation process. Pledis Entertainment expressed apologies to fans for any distress caused by this unexpected turn of events.

Acknowledging S.Coups’ unwavering determination to honor his commitments, the agency highlighted their plans to adapt to the situation and prioritize his well-being. “While S.Coups is keen on fulfilling his scheduled obligations, we intend to adopt a flexible approach to his future activities, aligning with medical advice and the artist’s recovery progress.”

Pledis Entertainment assured fans, “Our utmost priority is to provide comprehensive support to S.Coups, ensuring he can return to his fans in optimal health as soon as possible. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated during this time.”

This setback comes shortly after Seungkwan’s recent suspension of activities due to health concerns, intensifying the worries among fans. However, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon as Seungkwan prepares to rejoin the group’s promotional activities starting from their highly anticipated comeback in October.

Anticipation surrounds Seventeen’s forthcoming ‘Follow to Japan’ tour in September, which is set to kick off at the iconic Tokyo Dome on September 6 and extend through December. As fans eagerly await S.Coups’ triumphant return, the entire Seventeen family remains committed to delivering memorable performances and connecting with their global fanbase.

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