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Shin Hye Sun Becomes the Main Role in ‘Take Care Of My Life Again’

Shin Hye Sun received an offer to play the role of Ban Ji Eum in a drama based on the Webtoon Please Take Care of This Life.

After confirming her new film Brave Citizen, Shin Hye Sun is reviewing the offer to lead the upcoming drama Take Care Of My Life Again.

Her agency YNK Entertainment released a statement confirming that Shin Hye Sun had received a casting offer for the drama and was busy reviewing it.

YNK added that Take Care Of My Life Again is one of the projects the actress is currently considering.
The role that will be played by Shin Hye Sun, is a woman who is determined to reconnect with a man she once met.

The drama Take Care of My Life Again tells the love story of Ban Ji Eum, who in her life she meets Yoon Joo Won, the man she met in her 18th life.

Ban Ji Eum, in this drama based on the Webtoon, is a competent career woman. Take advantage of past life memories and experiences.

Because of the memories and experiences that Ban Ji Eum had, he became a very talented person. However, he lives his life because he wants to meet Yoon Joo Won.
Ban Ji Eum immediately has feelings for Yoon Joo Won even though she knows that Joo Won was the love of her previous life.
Take Care of My Life Again is written by Lee Hye. This drama is a romantic webtoon series on Naver that airs every Sunday and has a rating of 9.98.

In addition, director Lee Na Jung, who directed the hit romance comedy-drama Fight for My Way starring Park Seo Joon and tvN’s Kim Ji Won and Mine, will be in charge of directing the adaptation of the drama Take Care of My Life Again, which is scheduled to premiere. In 2022 after the players have finished.

Fans are already looking forward to seeing Shin Hye Sun again in primetime on several online portals. Many are also curious about the next male lead.

Shin Hye-sun debuted with School 2013 and appeared on KBS Five Enough, Legend of the Blue Sea, and Secret Forest.
He achieved the highest rating of 45.1% (Nilson Korea, national standard) with his first leading role, My Golden Life. He has since established himself as a trustworthy actor by constantly changing every job.

SBS The Hymn of Death (2018), SBS Still 17 (2018), KBS2 Mr. Queen (2019), and the films Innocence (2020) and Collectors (2020).

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