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Shin Min-ah Discusses New Film “3 Days Vacation” Kim Woo-bin probably cried a little too, right?

Renowned actress Shin Min-ah recently shared insights into her latest film, personal life, and career reflections in an exclusive interview.

Warmth and Resilience in ‘3 Days of Vacation’
In the heartfelt drama ‘3 Days of Vacation,’ directed by Yook Sang-hyo, Shin Min-ah portrays ‘Jinju,’ a daughter grappling with the loss of her mother ‘Bok-ja,’ played by Kim Hae-sook. The film showcases her journey of resentment and yearning, resonating with audiences and critics alike.

Kim Woo-bin’s Support and Emotional Response
Shin’s relationship with fellow actor Kim Woo-bin, who attended the VIP preview, was a focal point. His emotional reaction to the film sparked conversations, with Shin revealing his mix of enjoyment and tears, showcasing the depth of their bond.

Building a Realistic Mother-Daughter Relationship
Shin expressed her admiration for co-star Kim Hae-sook, noting their similar personalities and approach to acting. This connection led to a powerful on-screen dynamic, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Her portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship struck a chord with viewers, especially in emotionally charged scenes.

Reflections on Personal Growth and Acting
Delving into her personal life, Shin spoke of the complexity of relationships and the importance of expressing love and gratitude. The impact of ‘3 Days of Vacation’ extended beyond the screen, with audience members reportedly reaching out to their own mothers after viewing the film.

Future Aspirations and Embracing Change
At 40, Shin Min-ah reflects on her career trajectory and personal growth. She emphasizes the importance of mental and physical health and hopes to continue exploring diverse roles while maintaining a balanced life.

Shin’s candid interview highlights her dedication to her craft and her thoughtful approach to life’s complexities, both on and off-screen.

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