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Shin Min Ah Kisses Lee Byung Hun in ‘Our Blues’ Episode 2, How Will Kim Woo Bin React?

‘Our Blues’ episode 2 tells the story of Shin Min Ah and Lee Byung Hun.
Instead of continuing the story of Han Soo and Eun Hui in episode 1, ‘Our Blues’ episode 2 opens with the context of 7 years ago with the story of Min Seon Ah (Shin Min Ah) and Lee Dong Seok (Lee Byung Hun).
The two of them had a good time together.
They looked like a real couple. Seon Ah even went with Dong Seok from Seoul to Jeju to spend some time at the beach.
Dong Seok thinks that Seon Ah likes him back. So he kisses her, which causes Seon Ah to draw a line between them.
The story goes back to the present when Dong Seok worked as a truck driver. Everything seemed peaceful.
When Dong Seok hears that the old man in the area is buying from another grocery truck, he gets angry and throws out some fresh goods.
Back to the story of Han Soo, a colleague and former classmate who finds out about his family situation, not to mention there are rumors about Han Soo’s wife in the US borrowing, stealing money, and having relationships with many men.
Han Soo arrives at the class meeting, where he meets Eun Hui and Dong Seok again. After the party, friends also use Han Soo’s card to pay a bill of 1.8 million.
Only Eun Hui felt bad for Han Soo. Eun Hui then brought Han Soo home. Han Soo receives a text message from his sister, putting money pressure on him again.
Not wanting to go home, Han Soo asks Eun Hui to let him see the fish auction. The two then have a chance to relive the memories of their carefree days.
Han Soo even forgot how enthusiastic he used to be. While standing on the beach and reminiscing about himself, Han Soo jumped into the sea.
In the middle of the water, Han Soo offers to borrow money from Eun Hui, of course it’s just a monologue because Eun Hui can’t hear it.
After that, Han Soo shouted loudly, asking Eun Hui to go on a picnic, just like when they were young.
Eun Hui comes to the house looking for Han Soo just as Han Soo’s wife and children call him to announce that he will stop playing golf.
For a moment, Han Soo thought of “making money” from his old friend, he even kept a photo of his wife and children. The two then eat together and treat each other’s wounds.
When Eun Hui asked about Han Soo’s wife, he said that he would separate from his wife, maybe they would get a divorce, and kept asking Eun Hui to go on a picnic.
The next day, Han Soo goes to the bank, while Eun Hui goes to the market for business. The image of Han Soo, on the other hand, completely filled Eun Hui’s mind.
He made the decision to go on a picnic. At the same time, Han Soo gets a notification from the bank that Eun Hui has transferred money from another bank to SS bank to help Han Soo increase sales.
The day the two of them go on a picnic arrives, when Eun Hui talks about her unfortunate past and says that she is very proud to see Han Soo succeed, Han Soo feels guilty for wanting to borrow money from her.
Shin Min Ah and Lee Byung Hun’s kiss scene is in the spotlight considering that Shin Min Ah is also working with her boyfriend for this drama.
This drama is Kim Woo Bin’s first drama after 6 years and he has the opportunity to work with his girlfriend, Shin Min Ah.
Even though they are not a couple, the two of them look very professional and work hard for this drama.



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