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Shin Min Ah Reveals Boyfriend Kim Woo Bin Shed Tears Watching Her Latest Film.

In a recent interview with Sports Kyunghyang, Shin Min Ah shared a touching insight into her relationship with her boyfriend, Kim Woo Bin, particularly his emotional reaction to her latest film, “Our Season.”

“Our Season” marks another remarkable entry in Shin Min Ah’s illustrious career, where she portrays Jinju, the daughter of Bokja (played by Kim Hae Sook). The film tells a heartwarming story of a mother, Bokja, who passes away but returns for three days to spend a holiday with her daughter as a heavenly gift. This unique storyline has evidently struck a chord with audiences, including Min Ah’s own beau, Kim Woo Bin.

During the VIP premiere of the film, which was a hot topic in the entertainment circles, Kim Woo Bin was present to support his girlfriend. When asked about her boyfriend’s reaction, Shin Min Ah responded with a smile, saying, “Many actors attended the VIP preview, and everyone enjoyed the film, much like I did. My boyfriend probably shed a few tears.”

Shin Min Ah gracefully addressed various questions during the interview, including her thoughts on her relationship with Kim Hae Sook through “Our Season” and how it resonated with her real-life connection with her mother. She remarked, “My taste is similar to Kim Hae Sook’s. I feel like I’m going to cry every time I see her.”

She admitted that her bond with Kim Hae-sook has grown stronger through the film. They rely on each other much like a mother and daughter. “We share similar personalities and preferences. There’s a mutual feeling of understanding between us. She’s pure and innocent like a young actress, and doesn’t make me feel her age when we act together,” Shin Min Ah praised her co-star.

Adding to her insights, Min Ah said, “She makes me feel comfortable. I have done quite a few films, but I still get nervous, excited, and enthusiastic every time I start a new one. Her energy is similar to mine. When we shot our first scene, she was nervous too. It was a revelation to me that even esteemed seniors can feel nervous.”

The interview not only highlighted Shin Min Ah’s professional achievements but also shed light on the deep emotional connections she forms with her co-stars, mirroring the profound relationships she portrays on screen.


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