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Shocking Facts Coming from Son Ye Jin’s Best Friend, Secretly Married for 9 Years?

Actress Jeon Mi Do and Son Ye Ji’s best friend in the drama ‘Thirty Nine’ have been married for 9 years, successfully surprising many fans. Jeon Mi Do is an actress born in 1982 and made her name known to the public after starring in the drama ‘Hospital Playlist.’ However, Jeon Mi Do has started her career first as a music star for 10 years. She is an actress who promises not to appear in TV series or movies but spends most of her time on stage plays and musicals.
Jeon Mi Do once won Rookie of the Year at the Korean Theater Awards. Along with the tremendous success of the ‘Hospital Playlist,’ the public’s interest in Jeon Mi Do is also increasing.
Many fans have been waiting for her new face to appear and immediately fell in love with Jeon Mi Do’s pure, confident, and charismatic appearance. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that this ‘drama rookie’ has long been known in the drama and musical field. In addition, many fans were shocked after hearing the news of his marriage, which he had been keeping a lid on.
Jeon Mi Do confessed that she was married to her husband, a non-celebrity. She met her husband after a blind date in 2013 and decided to date for 6 months.
After dating for half a year, the two lovebirds decided to take things more seriously. Previously, Jeon Mi Do asked her husband to get used to dramas and musicals so he could watch the shows in the future. After watching Jeon Mi Do’s performance, her husband admitted that he was very impressed with his acting skills. The actress then fell in love with her husband, who was able to love him for who he was, and finally, the two decided to get married. Jeon Mi Do even openly shows affection for her husband.
“I am very grateful because my husband always supports my activities. My husband stays quiet by my side, even on my hectic days,” said Jeon Mi Do.
Meanwhile, Jeon Mi Do is currently starring in the drama ‘Thirty Nine.’ Thirty Nine is a Korean drama that tells about the friendship of three women who have been close since they were in high school. The main characters in Thirty Nine are Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin), Jung Chan Young (Jeon Mi Do), and Kim Ji Hyun (Jang Joo Hee).
Unfortunately, Jung Chan Young’s character only has a limited time in her life.



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