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Shocking revelation Lee Min Ho during his visit in manila beach,sunset & winter among his favorite.

Actor Lee Min Ho, renowned for his captivating performances in various Korean dramas and films, recently visited the Philippines, and during his stay, he shared some surprising insights about his preferences and memories. Fans were thrilled to get a closer look at the actor’s personal choices and experiences.

The host wasted no time in diving into intriguing questions. When asked, “Beach or Mountain?” Lee Min Ho’s response was unequivocal, “Of course, the beach.” It turns out that both Lee Min Ho and his co-star Kim Go Eun, who are both Cancerians, share a preference for the beach, no doubt appreciating the calming and soothing nature of the coastline.

The next question posed to the actor was, “Shopping or sleeping?” Lee Min Ho’s answer was quite unexpected. He simply replied, “Sleeping is okay.” This response likely stems from his busy schedule and the demanding nature of his work in the entertainment industry. It seems that a good night’s rest is a precious commodity for the actor.

Fans of “The King: Eternal Monarch” were in for a treat when Lee Min Ho spoke about the show. He reminisced about a particular episode where he and Kim Go Eun appeared relaxed on set, hinting at the strong rapport they developed while filming. The chemistry between the two actors undoubtedly contributed to the show’s success.

The host then shifted the conversation towards the climate, asking, “Summer or winter?” Lee Min Ho, thinking back to the series’ wintery setting, chose winter. It’s clear that the actor holds fond memories of the show, especially those shot in the cold season, and perhaps, those shared with Kim Go Eun.

Lee Min Ho’s connection to his roots became evident when asked whether he’s a “city person or a country person.” He responded with a smile, saying, “Sure, I love the province.” The calmness and tranquility of the countryside clearly appeal to him, and this preference likely stems from his deep connection to his birthplace.

The final question was about his preferred view. Without hesitation, Lee Min Ho declared, “I would prefer the sunset.” His choice resonated with fans who remembered the mesmerizing sunset scenes in “The King: Eternal Monarch.” The actor even shared some of these beautiful moments on his social media account, reinforcing the lasting impact of the series on him.

Lee Min Ho’s visit to the Philippines provided fans with a glimpse into his personal tastes and treasured memories. Whether it’s the beach, the allure of a good night’s sleep, his moments on set with Kim Go Eun, or the beauty of a countryside sunset, Lee Min Ho’s revelations allowed fans to connect with their favorite actor on a more personal level.

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