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Showing Sexy Showing Body Goals, Rose BLACKPINK Silences Netizens Who Think Her Body Is Too Thin.

BLACKPINK’s Rose is an idol who has beautiful visuals and is multitalented with a myriad of achievements that she has achieved.
Undoubtedly, Rose is getting a lot of attention from world-famous brands to be their global brand ambassadors.
One of the brands that collaborated with Rose BLACKPINK is Tiffany & Co, a well-known jewellery brand headquartered in New York, United States.
Launching from kbizoom Rose is known to attend the Yellow Is The New Blue event organized by the company.
On April 8, Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine released a video of Rose as Global Ambassador for Tiffany & Co.
His appearance when he was present at the event surprised netizens.
The Gone singer did not disappoint with his minimalist style and charming aura. Rose successfully exudes the aura of a high-class star like a model.
Rose wore a minimalistic black dress that exposed her back.
The look is complemented by the legendary gold-diamond jewellery set in the form of a 21 and 11-carat necklace and earrings from Tiffany & Co.
Netizens also highlighted her different hairstyle by carrying the concept of a low bun.
The hairstyle matched the dress she was wearing, helping Rose to accentuate her slender shoulders, collarbones, and sexy bareback.
To match the minimalist yet elegant look of the dress, Rose wore light nude makeup that exuded an aura of natural beauty.
Rose’s appearance this time was charming, making netizens recognize Rose’s slender body as a Spanish guitar body.
Having been commented on because his body is considered too thin, the owner of the real name Park Chae Young seems to silence netizens because his appearance is like a professional model.
Netizens are very happy with Rose’s new look and have left several positive comments praising her.
“There are some K-pop idols who exude a charming yet strong aura like Rose. Tiffany & Co. choose him as Ambassador,” wrote one netizen.
“Miss Roseanne Park’s female vibe drives me crazy,” continued another netizen.
“Rose is wonderful and elegant today,” wrote a netizen.
“She looks like a real model!” continued the other netizens.
“Wow, look at his body! Body goals are over,” said a netizen.
Meanwhile, this YG entertainment idol is rumoured to make a comeback with BLACKPINK in mid-2022, but there has been no further confirmation. Currently, Rose and other Blackpink members are busy with their respective solo activity schedules.



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