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Side by side with former Justin Bieber, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wins a Prestigious Award, What is it?

Coupled with former Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the most influential artist on Instagram, Salut!
The popularity of the girl group BLACKPINK is no longer in doubt, especially since the four members have excellent visuals and talents.
Even the maknae, Lisa has always maintained her position as the queen of social media, especially Instagram.
Instagram is a social media platform with the most significant number of users globally.
All artists and celebrities have been confirmed to have Instagram accounts with many followers and interactions.
However, every celebrity is often evaluated based on their influence on this platform.
According to a recent report from Hype Auditor, here are some of the most influential artists on Instagram.
1. Selena Gomez
Despite being a female artist at the top of this list, the fact is that the former Justin Bieber has not used the internet for the last 4.5 years.
This was even conveyed directly by Selena Gomez when she had a conversation with Good Morning America.
She also said she would ask his manager for help so she could update the information with fans.
Previously, in 2019, the owner of the song ‘Ice Cream’ revealed that he would delete Instagram on his cellphone even though her account already had 311 million followers.
Selena Gomez’s Instagram account even has the third-largest number of followers globally, you know!
But unfortunately, Selena Gomez prefers to leave her Instagram account and is only managed by her manager to share information with fans.
2. Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande has long held the woman’s position with the most followers.
However, until now, she is only ranked 5th in the world with 304 million followers.
However, she is now the 2nd most influential artist on Instagram music.
3. Beyoncé
There is little information if Beyonce’s net worth is estimated at 440 million US dollars, equivalent to Rp. 6 trillion.
Not only is she a music legend, but she is also a talented designer and investor.
Beyonce became a female singer with a rating of 73 of the 100 best female stars in the world.
She also signed advertising contracts worth tens of millions of dollars with Pepsi and other big brands such as Nintendo DS and L’Oreal.
Not only is she ranked first in the number of Instagram followers in Korea, but Lisa is also included in the 5 Asian artists with the highest number of followers on this social media platform.
Even though it only has 76.2 million followers, which number is not comparable to the world’s artists above.
However, the BLACKPINK maknae has entered the top 10 most influential celebrities on Instagram in the first months of 2022.
Even though she only has much lower followers than many other artists such as Taylor Swift, Cardi B, and others.
But Lisa was able to get into the top 4 with a very extraordinary number of interactions, an average of about 9 million times per post.



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