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Six shocking facts behind the scenes of Song Hye Kyo’s revenge movie

1.Inspired by true stories

In The Glory, the female lead, Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), endured severe physical and mental trauma that determined her to spend the next 18 years planning revenge.
In Kyushu, Japan, a teenager also suffered from school violence and was engulfed in hatred for many years. Like Dong Eun, all of his choices are for the sake of revenge. He majored in chemistry and applied for a job at a chemical company. After 12 years, when he had fully prepared the necessary knowledge and resources, he held a class meeting. He invited 40 former classmates and five teachers to participate, intending to poison all the perpetrators who bullied him. However, unlike in the movie, the above plan failed. The law must punish the man.
Besides, the episode of Moon Dong Eun being tortured with a hair straightener is also based on a true story. ”The victim suffered severe burns. The bones were sticking out. She was hospitalized for 5-6 weeks. The perpetrators confessed to punishing the victim by ripping off the scabs that formed on her wound with their fingernails,” a source from MBC said.
The prototype was luckier than Dong Eun when receiving timely intervention from the authorities. The offender was arrested not long after.
2. The director was a bully in the past.

Creating a film condemning school violence, The Glory director Ahn Gil Ho was again accused of bullying his classmates. Worth mentioning that the allegation is not baseless. Mr. Ahn acknowledged bad behavior in the past and publicly apologized through a statement from his lawyer.
”Ahn Gil Ho dated a girl while studying abroad in the Philippines in 1996. He was emotional when he heard that his girlfriend had become the target of teasing at school because of his temper. Overwhelm reason and cause unforgettable heartaches for others.
He is begging for forgiveness from those who have hurt him. If given the opportunity, he wants to meet the victim in person, or at least contact them by phone, to convey his apology. He also apologizes for causing Controversy because of his unfortunate incident,” said lawyer Kim Mun Hui from the law firm Jipyong.
Unlike Ahn Gil Ho, beauty Cha Joo Young revealed that she and the cast were all checked to see if they were involved in any accusations of school violence in the past.
3. The snake is real

In an interview, Kim Hieora (playing the addicted female artist Lee Sa Ra) revealed that the snake crawling out of the painting in the scene where her character was drugged, leading to the hallucination, was real, not graphic. as many people think.
”I was lying down when the staff said, ‘The snake is here’. They showed it to me and said, ‘Hi. This is her co-star. It’s the giant snake in the box. I know the snake has participated in many shows, so it is the senior snake,” Hieora said.
4. Substitute for the semi-nude scene

In addition to the bloody violence scene, The Glory attracts attention thanks to the 18+ locations, including the nude scene of Cha Joo Young, who plays the flight attendant Kim Hye Jeong.
The actress revealed that she used a substitute for the bath scene, turning her back, but took on the topless scene herself.
”In the scene with Jae Jun, a stuntman was used when the character’s back was exposed. But in the scene where I put my shirt on and take it off, it’s my body. Yes, that part is my body, but there was an intervention through computer graphics,” Cha Joo Young shared.
5. Controversy about the white dress

In the drama, Cha Joo Young’s character has an embarrassing moment when he steals a white designer dress from the family laundromat to show it off to two rich friends, but he doesn’t expect it to be Lee Sa Ra’s.
When receiving Allure’s interview, Cha Joo Young revealed that the crew initially prepared a less revealing outfit for her, but the director forced her to change to the dress as everyone saw on the screen.
This caused Ahn Gil Ho to be criticized. However, Cha Joo Young corrected that she was not upset with the director’s change because it showed Hye Jeong’s flirtatious and vain personality.
6. Song Hye Kyo suffers from dieting

One of the most heartbreaking scenes has Dong Eun undressing to reveal her hideous scars to show her ‘senior’ what horrible abuse she has endured. To prepare for that scene, the actress, born in 1981, did not eat or drink anything in the days before filming.
”I actively went on a diet for that scene. I only ate bananas for three days and didn’t drink water the day before. Because of that, I want to die when I apply makeup with special effects. That scene improved because my body experienced the discomfort,” Song Hye Kyo said.



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