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“Snowdrop” starring Jisoo – Blackpink is causing a stir because of 2 new pieces of information.

“Snowdrop” faces a strong boycott wave from Korean audiences because the film’s content is judged to distort history.
It is this that has affected the participating stars. Jisoo – Blackpink was heavily criticized for accepting such a controversial project.
After a series of noises, thinking that the movie would be discontinued, JTBC has just made a new announcement. This is the 4th time this year, JTBC has to make an official announcement about this movie in the face of tremendous pressure from the Korean public. However, in all of these announcements, JTBC’s resolution failed to satisfy most of the audience.
Specifically, according to which JTBC side announced, the movie will show up to 3 episodes this week instead of stopping the movie screening at the request of a series of viewers.
Accordingly, 2 episodes will air on December 24 and 25, and episode 5 will air on December 26.
However, the JTBC side said they still respect all views and opinions of the audience. To pay more attention to viewers’ opinions, the JTBC side is listening to all conversations currently happening through viewer message boards and various online platforms.
Thus, instead of canceling or suspending the broadcast at the audience’s request, JTBC even chose to increase the episode during the broadcast this weekend. With the shocking decision mentioned above, JTBC again became the subject of intense criticism on online forums in Korea. On Theqoo, within a few hours, there were more than 1,000 comments expressing surprise and disbelief at the decision that went against the majority’s wishes from JTBC.
In addition, according to Korean media, the rating of “Snowdrop” is falling sharply. After episode 2 recorded an impressive rating of 3.8%, episode 3 dropped to only 1.8% – a lower number than the opening episode rating.
It seems that Korean audiences are boycotting “Snowdrop” by not watching the movie anymore. Or maybe the reason is simply that episode 3 of the movie is showing on the wrong date, so it lost a large audience.

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