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So Ji Sub Reveals Difficulties of Playing Two Professions in ‘Doctor Lawyer’

So Ji Sub is returning to the small screen with a bang as the Kdrama heartthrob headlines the cast of “Doctor Lawyer.”
After four years since he played a NIS agent in “Terius Behind Me,” the 44-year-old actor will transform into a lawyer and doctor in MBC’s new drama.
Helmed by “Haechi” director Lee Yong Seok and penned by “Class of Lies” screenwriter Jang Hong Chul, the new thriller medical Kdrama will follow the story of Han Yi Han.
He was once a hot shot surgeon whose career was tainted because of a controversy, prompting his medical license to be revoked.
Han Yi Han decides to return as a lawyer specializing in medical litigation.
The doctor turned lawyer is also finding out the truth behind his former patient’s death.
In the “Doctor Lawyer” press conference ahead of the much-awaited premiere, So Ji Sub dishes out his experience and preparation for his role.
The South Korean A-lister dishes out the challenges he experienced playing two professions.
As we all know, starring in medical and law-related drama must be very precise and particular with the nitty-gritty parts.
According to Sports News, So Ji Sub had to do a lot of research and talk to professionals in law and medicine.
“It’s difficult,” the actor confessed, adding, “I had to play two different professions, so I practiced a lot so that it would not be that awkward. I asked a lot of questions, practiced, pondered, practiced, and checked the process.”
In So Ji Sub’s new drama, “Doctor Lawyer,” he is joined by Shin Sung Rok, who plays the mysterious Jayden Lee.
Joining the duo as the lead star is I’m Soo Hyang as the bold prosecutor Geum Seok Young of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Medical Crimes Department.
“Doctor Lawyer’s” pilot episode is slated to air on June 3 every Friday and Saturday through MBC.
In a separate report, the actor also spoke about his comeback in Kdrama.
During the online press conference, So Ji Sub admitted that he felt nervous and, at the same time, excited to appear in a new drama.
This will be his first time appearing on the small screen after four years since “Terius Behind Me” was aired, which is also under MBC.
So Ji Sub is best known for his notable Kdramas like “What Happened in Bali” with ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung.
He also showed unique chemistry with rom-com queen Gong Hyo Jin in “The Master’s Sun” and a remarkable team with Shin Min Ah in “Oh My Venus.”



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