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So Sweet! Song Joong Ki caught still posting photos of Song Hye Kyo at his house!

Indicated so sweet, Song Joong Ki was still posting a photo of his ex-wife, Song Hye Kyo, at his house!
Song Joong Ki was caught still displaying photos of Song Hye Kyo at his home thanks to his father’s actions.
It is known that a big fan of Song Joong Ki is none other than his father.
This can be seen clearly from how the father turned Song Joong Ki’s childhood home into a ‘museum’ showing hundreds of his son’s works.
Whether it’s in the form of serial or film posters.
As reported by from the Jayne Stars page, this ‘museum’ is usually not allowed to be entered by foreigners.
Fans of the ‘Descendant of the Sun’ actor can only watch from a distance.
However, some lucky fans were allowed to visit. And even visits that are only allowed for one day are also equipped with photo activities.
One lucky fan shared his experience. And from that story, it was precisely known that the business was still displaying photos of Song Hye Kyo.
The old photo on display was reportedly taken when the two were the main characters in the Descendants of the Sun series.
The Korean drama, which was screened in 2016, made them experience the love of location, aka clock.
Then in July 2017, the two got married. The couple’s marriage with an age difference of four years was considered a fairytale-like marriage and satisfied the loyal fans of ‘Descendants of the Sun’.
Unfortunately, this marriage had to end in June 2019.
The marriage, which only lasted for a year and eight months, was reportedly forced to run aground because Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo had personalities too different from each other.
It is not explained whether Song Joong Ki’s father still loves his former son-in-law. However, Song Joong Ki’s father is still displaying a photo of Song Hye Kyo at his house solely to commemorate his son’s work.



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