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Somi accidentally revealed the song with Jennie’s voice, is it BLACKPINK’s new song or is it about to make a solo comeback?

The time when BLACKPINK has not come back has long exceeded the 500-day milestone; However, there are many rumors about them releasing new music; the members are still focusing on individual activities. However, recently, Somi – BLACKPINK’s close sister, was the one who gave BLINKs hope when she accidentally revealed a piece of music right in her Livestream. It wouldn’t be worth talking about if the voice in it wasn’t suspected to be Jennie’s voice.

The clipped video shows that Somi livestream interacts with fans while at THE BLACK LABEL (a subsidiary of YG, managed by Teddy). The female idol went to the wrong studio, as soon as she opened the door, strange music immediately came out. Seeing that, Somi quickly closed the door with a panicked expression, but viewers still heard the line: “No, you can’t take me down.”
The above voice has the same characteristics as Jennie’s voice, so the revealed music is strange seemingly never appeared. So, Somi’s livestream quickly caused a stir in the BLACKPINK fan community, some of whom thought that this was the comeback song of the 4 YG girls, who guessed that maybe Jennie was about to make a solo comeback after 4 years of absence. ?
Remember, Jennie once answered fans that she was preparing for BLACKPINK’s comeback so that the solo plan could occur later. On February 28, the female idol also confirmed on the forum for BLINK that the group is about to make a comeback. Another source also revealed that BLACKPINK would release music after the summer of 2022, in parallel with holding a global tour.
Thus, the above music may be an upcoming product of BLACKPINK; that’s why Somi was so alarmed when she accidentally revealed it. If the above music is really in the new product of the 4 girls, we will wait until YG’s official schedule, but many people are worried that Teddy will scold somi!



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