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Son Ye Jin and Kim Ha Neul will surpass ‘Korean showbiz’ when the same frame?

In 2008, Son Ye Jin and his two seniors, Kim Ha Neul and Kim Hye Soo, had the opportunity to stand together on an award stage. According to the observation, Hyun Bin’s wife dressed gently and neatly buns behind to reveal a beautiful, youthful, and truly attractive appearance.
Meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul chose a skirt outfit showing her slender legs. She let his curly hair light and makeup enhance her natural beauty. Particularly Kim Hye Soo attracted special attention when wearing a sexy black dress. “The great sister of Korean showbiz” becomes the focus of all eyes because of the perfect physique and peak charisma.
Although more than Son Ye Jin and Kim Ha Neul to dozens of years old, when they shared the frame with these two juniors, Kim Hye Soo did not “inferior.” On the contrary, she was a different and impressive character than the juniors.
On the career path, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ha Neul, and Kim Hye Soo are all appreciated for their acting ability. Suppose Ye Jin is known for films such as,” “Snow April,” “Beautiful Sister Buy Delicious Rice For Me,” and “Landing in him.” In that case, Kim Ha Neul is famous. Projects and projects Like “tutoring friend,” “seasonal witness,” “road to the airport,” “Price of gentlemen”, “The battle of heels”. Kim Hye Soo made an impression on the audience with works: “Super Thief Army”, “Great gamble”, “Signal”, “Adolescent Court”, “Under the middle shadow”.
Regarding emotional roads, Son Ye Jin – Kim Ha Neul is married and gave birth to her first child. As for Kim Hye Soo, after a love affair with Yoo Hae Jin, she did not care about love but enjoyed a single life.



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