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Son Ye Jin announced the good news of pregnancy after 3 months of marriage with Hyun Bin.

A few minutes ago, actress Son Ye Jin announced the good news on her page: “Today, I want to share with you some good news. A new life has come to us. I am still swamped. confused. I feel every day the change of my body, “actress Landing where he shared.
She also thanked everyone for taking care of her and her husband and apologized for announcing the good news late. “We will protect the precious life that comes to us. I also hope everyone is always healthy, taking good care of the precious things that must be protected in life,” the actress wrote.
In the comments section, many close friends and fans were surprised and sent their best wishes to the couple, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin.
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin held a private wedding ceremony in March in Seoul. The cozy ceremony was held in the congratulations of both sides’ parents and close friends. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin admitted to being a couple in January 2021 after nearly 8 months of secret dating. Their love story received special attention and blessings from fans all over Asia.
Hyun Bin was born in 1982 and is a famous actor in Korea. At 40, Hyun Bin was dubbed “the prince of Korea” thanks to his handsome face, beautiful smile, standard appearance, and good acting ability. The films he participated in became famous and attracted all over Asia. Before enlisting in the army in 2011, Hyun Bin also caused a fever with the movie “Secret Garden.”
Son Ye Jin is a famous Korean actress with both talent and beauty. Once known as the “nation’s first love,” the “cinema pearl” continuously broke through in her acting, from the gentle, hard-working role to the psychologically struggling role. Movies that made the actress’s name include Summer Perfume, A Moment To Remember…



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