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Son Ye Jin caused a fever when realizing her husband Hyun Bin’s dream.

Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin is kimchi’s most beloved A-list star couple. After getting married, Hyun Bin continued to act in movies while Son Ye Jin retired to take care of the family and prepare to welcome her first child.
Recently, the pregnant mother, Son Ye Jin, caused a fever when showing off the couple’s delicious breakfast prepared by her hands. At this point, many viewers believe that Son Ye Jin had realized Hyun Bin’s dream when he always wanted to eat breakfast cooked by his wife.
After announcing that she was pregnant with her first child, Son Ye Jin often showed her talent in the kitchen, making delicious dishes for her family and friends. On each occasion, the actress did not forget to share beautiful pictures of homemade delicacies on her page for fans near and far to admire.
On October 29, Son Ye Jin shared a photo of a hearty family meal on her personal Instagram account with the message, “Happy morning, happy weekend.” The shared photo shows that the “nation’s first love” pays great attention to the family’s nutrition. It is known that this is also Son Ye Jin’s first public activity after revealing the gender of her first child and her expected date of birth.
Son Ye Jin’s post received great attention from the audience. The public complimented Son Ye Jin’s ingenuity on the social networking forum and wished her and the little angel to “have a round mother and a square child.”
Besides, someone mentioned Hyun Bin’s previous interview while he was promoting the movie Confidential Assignment 2. At that time, Hyun Bin once shared that his wife prepared him for breakfast; otherwise, he often Drank a cup of coffee and went to work.
In the past, Hyun Bin also shared that good cooking is one of the criteria he hopes his partner will possess. Therefore, many viewers believe that Hyun Bin has found the right person, just as Son Ye Jin has realized her husband’s dream of having a good life partner.



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