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Son Ye Jin continues to embrace both her personal and professional life with utmost joy.

In a recent heartwarming revelation, South Korean actress Son YeJin opened up about her sweet moments with her husband, Hyun Bin, and their adorable baby, Alkong, as she continues to embrace both her personal and professional life with utmost joy.

Son YeJin, known for her roles in beloved Korean dramas and films, was recently invited as a guest on a golf-themed show, a subject she has been passionate about for many years. However, it’s not just her golf skills that have been making headlines lately.

A close friend of Son YeJin shared that she and her husband, Hyun Bin, initially met through their shared love for golf before collaborating on the hit project “Crash Landing on You.” Throughout the filming of the series, the couple’s happiness was palpable. Son YeJin would often be seen with a radiant smile and joy-filled eyes. She once mentioned, “I’m married now and have a child,” and her happiness shines through whenever she talks about her family and husband.

On her personal social media pages, Son YeJin often shares photos of their family meals and romantic dates. Even after a year of marriage, the couple still maintains the habit of going on dates and traveling together, keeping the spark alive in their relationship.

In early September, fans were delighted to spot Son YeJin and Hyun Bin wearing matching outfits while enjoying dinner with friends. She took to social media to share photos of their delightful evening, giving fans a glimpse of her special moments with her husband.

Son YeJin also couldn’t help but gush about the talents of her nine-month-old baby, Alkong, who has undoubtedly brought immense joy to their lives. Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s career has been flourishing since their marriage, with new film projects and numerous brand endorsements in Korea. According to the actor, married life has brought fulfillment and positivity, and he enjoys daily breakfasts lovingly prepared by his wife.

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