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Son Ye-jin Describes Son’s Appearance: “He Resembles Me More Than Hyun Bin”.

On September 27th, the renowned professional golfer Lim Jin-han’s YouTube channel, aptly named “Lim Jin-han’s Class,” treated fans to an intimate glimpse into the life of beloved actress Son Ye-jin. In a heartwarming video titled “She is as happy as she can be. Our round is filled with happiness,” Son Ye-jin shared her thoughts on motherhood and her growing family.

When asked about the challenges of raising a baby, Son Ye-jin beamed with a radiant smile and replied, “Of course, it’s very challenging to raise a child, but the joy that the baby brings is something I have never experienced in my life.” She radiated happiness and contentment as she spoke about her newfound role as a mother. Responding to the inevitable question of whether she plans to have a second child, the actress tenderly expressed, “That’s another matter. I just love my child.”

Son Ye-jin then opened up about her illustrious career, spanning nearly two decades. She shared, “I’ve been working as an actress for almost twenty years. My life now revolves around my child and my home. I’m as happy as I can be now.” Like mothers everywhere, she confessed to feeling the pressure to raise her child well and excel in her roles as both a mother and a wife. She added, “I sometimes feel like I’m spending all my energy doing that. Regardless, I’m in a happy place now.” The actress also divulged her plans for the future, stating, “I’ve been working vigorously for many years. Now that I’m married and have a baby, I need to focus on my family. If I encounter a good script, I will definitely come back to acting.”

Acknowledging the curiosity of her adoring fans regarding her baby’s appearance, Son Ye-jin shared, “We were told that he resembles both of us. They say from his eyes up, he resembles me. He got the rest from Hyun Bin. But the baby’s face will keep changing. At this moment, he resembles me more, which I’m happy about.”

In a heartwarming turn of events, Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, who exchanged vows in March of last year, welcomed their son into the world in November. As they continue their journey into parenthood, the couple’s love and happiness shine brighter than ever.

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