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Son Ye Jin discloses fantastic connection with ‘one-time lover’ Hyun Bin

Korean people lately abruptly released an interview held in 2011 by Son Ye Jin while talking about his connection with senior Ha Ji Won.
Accordingly, Son Ye Jin revealed after a meeting she and Ha Ji Won became sisters, “In the acting industry for the last 10 years, I just recently met her for the first time and swapped phone numbers.” , Son Ye Jin said in the interview.
It is clear from this little description that Son Ye Jin and senior Ha Ji Won have a very excellent connection.
Son Ye Jin had no communication with Hyun Bin at the time, while Hyun Bin was collaborating with Ha Ji Won on the well-known project Secret Garden.
The two persons were formerly embroiled in rumors of bogus movies and were pushed aggressively because of their really excellent chemistry in this endeavor.
Son Ye Jin has worked hard to invest in her career since joining entertainment, and she has never been seen in public with anyone other than Hyun Bin.
Son Ye Jin has never openly dated anybody other than Hyun Bin, and she says that the actor is her first love.
Meanwhile, Hyun Bin has had two love adventures with Song Hye Kyo and Kang Sora before meeting his true love, Son Ye Jin.
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin officially fell in love after the project “Crash Landing on You,” and agreed to return to the same home at the beginning of this year.
The actress’s joy was multiplied when she gave birth to Hyun Bin’s first baby at the end of November.
Unlike Son Ye Jin, Ha Ji Won is still unmarried, and the actress almost shut down after losing her father and brother. The actress devotes most of her time to her profession and is enthusiastic about painting, but she has never considered living in peace.



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