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Son Ye Jin Doesn’t Want to Return to Acting Yet Because She’s Still Happy.

Renowned South Korean actress Son Ye Jin has been taking a break from the world of acting, and it seems like she’s in no rush to return to the silver screen because she’s basking in happiness. Recently, she made a special appearance on a golf-themed YouTube program, marking her first television appearance since giving birth to her first son.

Appearing on the show, Son Ye Jin exuded positive energy and expressed her passion for golf. She revealed that the golf course is her favorite dating spot with her husband and also the activity that has brought them closer together, kindling their romantic relationship.

Before joining the program, she even had her husband join her for a round of golf and share some valuable advice. She chuckled as she mentioned her husband’s role in helping her improve her skills, describing him as a dashing golfer. Whenever she talked about her husband, a radiant smile adorned her face.

Speaking about her future in acting, Son Ye Jin shared that she currently has no plans to return to the screen as she wants to dedicate her time to her son. “I’m married and have a child, so I can’t act as much,” she mentioned. Her most recent film, “Age 39,” was released in early 2022, just before her wedding with Hyun Bin.

During the show, the humorous host couldn’t help but share some lighthearted thoughts on Son Ye Jin’s marriage, with men at the wedding saying that Hyun Bin was lucky to have her, and women remarking that Son Ye Jin was truly fortunate to have Hyun Bin. Son Ye Jin playfully retorted, “But isn’t my husband luckier than me?”

Son Ye Jin, born in 1982, is an A-list South Korean actress known for her prominent roles in popular dramas and films such as “Something in the Rain,” “The Negotiation,” and “Crash Landing on You.”

This 80s beauty has garnered the affection of fans through her diverse acting skills and diligent work ethic. Her life now seems to be filled with contentment, and according to SCMP estimates, her net worth stands at an impressive $20 million USD. Son Ye Jin is indeed enjoying both her personal and professional life to the fullest.

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