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Ordinarily Graceful, Son Ye Jin Ever Appeared with Bondol Hair and Thin Mustache, How come she’s still beautiful?

Son Ye Jin turned out to have appeared with a bobbed hairstyle and mustache.
So far, Son Ye Jin is known as a South Korean actress who always looks elegant and feminine.
She is often stylish with skirts or dresses that accentuate the impression of elegance and grace.
Hyun Bin’s wife even became a fashion model for the BAU by Bride and You brand.
During a photo shoot with the brand, Son Ye Jin looked elegant in a formal dress in the style of a British royal woman.
In one of the photos, Son Ye Jin is wearing a mesh fascinator to enhance her appearance.
It is known that Son Ye Jin is one of the actresses who is called the Korean beauty queen.
Because she has a naturally beautiful face with a beautiful smile.
Not only beautiful capital, but the 41-year-old actress also has extraordinary acting talent.
Thanks to his acting skills, Son Ye Jin could survive a dozen years in the acting world.
He has starred in many Korean films and dramas. Besides the drama Crash Landing On You, the Personal drama Taste starring Son Ye Jin with Lee Min Ho also stole the audience’s hearts.
The Personal drama Taste is known to have aired in 2010.
One of the scenes in Personal Taste that stole the most attention was when Son Ye Jin made up like a boy.
Usually appearing with long hair, Son Ye Jin appeared with super short bun hair and a hat.
His face is also seen drawn with a fake mustache. Hyun Bin’s wife appeared wearing a purplish pink suit.
Despite dressing up like a man, Son Ye Jin still looks beautiful and cute at the same time.
It’s been 12 years since the drama. But Son Ye Jin’s beauty never fades.
Some time ago, Son Ye Jin was rumored to be in two bodies shortly after officially getting married.
The gossip began when Son Ye Jin shared a photo while on vacation on Sunday (29/05/22) on her Instagram.
She looks beautiful in a long white dress. In the first photo, Son Ye Jin is on a beach cliff holding grass.
The star of The Negotiation is very charming with a round hat covering his head.
The photo seems to be taken candidly. Son Ye Jin didn’t look at the camera and was busy holding the grass in her hands.
The second photo shows Son Ye Jin being photographed from a distance. He walks with his beloved dog.
Son Ye Jin’s appearance is straightforward, but her aura looks like an angel in a white dress.
In the comments column, netizens snorted at Son Ye Jin’s stomach, which was considered more distended, so they suspected that the actress was pregnant.
“Hmmm his stomach is suspicious,” wrote netizens. “Isn’t the aura pregnant? Look at her belly, I hope so,” concluded the netizen.



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