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Son Ye Jin Gets Spicy Criticism For Starring In This Film But Instead It Brings Blessings To Kim Tae Hee, How Can It Be?

Having had a career in the South Korean entertainment industry for more than 20 decades, Son Ye Jin’s acting ability certainly doesn’t need to be doubted.
The actress, nicknamed the nation’s first love, has starred in many successful dramas and films that have led her to become one of the leading actresses in the country of Ginseng.
Since the beginning of her career, starring in The Classic and A Moment to Remember, Son Ye Jin has landed a leading role that left an impression of its own. Seeing Son Ye Jin’s ability, it is not surprising that the Crash Landing on You star always gets exorbitant praise in every appearance in film or drama projects because her acting is considered not to disappoint. Throughout her career, Son Ye Jin has bagged various outstanding works.
However, there is still a role that has made it face negative reviews. In particular, when she played Yoo Mi Ho in the film White Night in 2009. In the film, Son Ye Jin co-starred with actors Go Soo, Han Suk Kyu, Lee Min Jung, Park Sung Woong and others.
This film tells about the dark side of Yo Mi Ho and Kim Yo Han after her father was killed on an old ship 14 years ago.
After being investigated by a great detective, it was revealed that the perpetrator of the murder was her own father’s affair. This story feels deadlocked because the perpetrator decided to end her life.
White Night is a Korean adaptation of the famous mystery novel “Byakuyako” by Japanese writer Higashino Keigo published in 1999. With her extraordinary beauty, Son Ye Jin is said to be perfect for playing the female lead, as if Yukiho (her character’s name in the original story) were out of the book. Son Ye Jin looks charming and fragile but still exudes a mysterious aura in “White Night”.
Despite appearing with stunning visuals, it seems that Son Ye Jin received many negative reviews in the film. According to kbizoom, some critics say that Son Ye Jin’s portrayal of Yoo Mi Ho did not live up to expectations. Because in the original story, Yoo Mi Ho is a woman with a goddess-like appearance but is cruel and cold-hearted.
Son Ye Jin’s acting was not bad, but she performed a completely different version of the original Yoo Mi Ho, thus disappointing novel readers. On the other hand, to take part in the film White Night, Son Ye Jin reportedly turned down an offer to act in the drama Iris. But then her role in the drama was replaced by Kim Tae Hee, who later became a big hit with the last episode recording a rating of 41.8 per cent. Son Ye Jin turned down her role in Iris, indirectly bringing a blessing to Kim Tae Hee.
Because it can be said that the drama Iris became a project that had a big impact on Kim Tae Hee’s career, meanwhile, Son Ye Jin’s chosen film White Night only recorded less than 1 million viewers in theatres and is considered one of the most forgotten works in Son Ye Jin’s filmography. Quoting JakTimNews, After marrying Hyun Bin last March 31, Son Ye Jin is now waiting for the birth of her first child.
The news of the 40-year-old actress’ pregnancy was conveyed by herself through her personal Instagram account, and now Son Ye Jin is temporarily on hiatus from acting.



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