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Son Ye Jin Going to Work on the Weekend, Personally Escorted by Her Husband Hyun Bin?

Early this morning on January 7, renowned actress Son Ye Jin was spotted arriving early at a hotel where she hosted a charity garage sale. Despite the early hours, the hotel lobby was bustling with fans eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the “Crash Landing on You” star.

Amidst the excitement, a series of candid photos shared by passersby sparked curiosity. A tall, broad-shouldered man following closely behind Son Ye Jin in the pictures drew particular attention.

His hairstyle, facial profile, and physique led to speculation among fans and the public, with many suspecting that the man was none other than Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin’s husband.

However, this speculation was quickly clarified by an attendee at the event. The man in question was not Hyun Bin but Son Ye Jin’s personal bodyguard, who interestingly also serves as Hyun Bin’s bodyguard. Notably, Hyun Bin had arranged for his bodyguard to work for Son Ye Jin prior to their marriage, highlighting the close bond between the couple.

The charity event, with its star-studded yet down-to-earth atmosphere, successfully captured the hearts of fans and attendees, all while serving a noble cause.

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