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Son Ye Jin Has Suddenly Been Connected To BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

Son Ye Jin and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo are unexpectedly related. This all began yesterday, when Marie Claire Korea revealed the photos from her picture session with Jisoo on Thursday (15/12).
Jisoo looks stunning in the close-up image of the photo. She dressed to emphasize her shoulders and separated her long hair to hide her breast.
With little makeup, the 1995-born star accentuates her clean and delicate facial features. Her attractiveness is enhanced by her gentle eyes.
After this picture was posted, many admirers began discussing Son Ye Jin’s name. They believe Jisoo’s picture above is remarkably similar to Son Ye Jin, even down to the form of the eyes, lips, and nose. Her facial expressions are also very similar to Hyun Bin’s wife’s.
“They seem to be extremely similar. Both are lovely and have soft expressions “remarked a follower. “For a brief period, I mistook Jisoo for Son Ye Jin. They are practically identical! “Another fan was installed. “I believe she is Son Ye Jin. Her features are quite similar “another person said.
“At this pace, she looks just like Son Ye Jin,” another admirer said. “I believed he was Son Ye Jin until I saw Jisoo’s name,” said another. “I never thought Jisoo looked like Son Ye Jin until I saw this picture,” another netizen stated.
Meanwhile, Jisoo is on tour with BLACKPINK in Europe. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin is recuperating from delivery, which occurred in November.



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