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Son Ye-Jin has warmed the hearts of her fans with a surprise announcement that exemplifies the spirit of giving

As the festive season approaches, beloved actress Son Ye-Jin has warmed the hearts of her fans with a surprise announcement that exemplifies the spirit of giving. With 2023 drawing to a close, Son Ye-Jin took to social media to share her intentions for a meaningful conclusion to the year.

In her heartfelt social media post, Son Ye-Jin expressed, “Hey guys, how have you been? Finally, 2023 is almost over. I wanted to wrap up the year with a meaningful event. An idea came up for a charity bazaar – that good idea was my idea, remember Sarah’s line from ‘Crash Landing on You’? I plan to sell my personal belongings and donate the money to a good cause.”

The actress plans to host a charity bazaar, selling a range of items from her personal collection, including clothes and accessories, some of which hold sentimental value and even include her character’s outfit from her renowned roles. This initiative is not just a charitable endeavor but also a personal journey for Son Ye-Jin, as she admits to being overwhelmed with the planning but resolute in her decision.

Son Ye-Jin candidly shared, “I have many things to consider as a host of the bazaar because it’s my first time. I keep getting ahead of myself. Why am I already tired? But I’ve already decided and can’t go back on my words, so I will post more details soon.”

This act of kindness has garnered admiration from her fans and her husband, Hyun Bin, who is reportedly proud of his wife’s down-to-earth nature and generous heart. The couple, fondly known as ‘daddy Hyun Bin and mommy Son Ye Jin,’ are currently enjoying quality time with their baby Alkong, making the most of this Christmas season.

As her fans and followers eagerly await more details about the charity bazaar, Son Ye-Jin’s announcement has added a touch of warmth and generosity to the holiday season, reminding everyone of the joy of giving back.

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