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Son Ye Jin is Back! She hurriedly went home to his waiting son & husband! She miss them so much.

After a period abroad, acclaimed actress Son Ye-jin has made her much-awaited return to South Korea. She was recently spotted at Incheon Airport, visibly eager to reunite with her beloved family. Her swift return is timed perfectly with the upcoming first birthday celebration of her son, Baby Alkong, on November 27th. Son Ye-jin, dedicated to her family, ensures her presence for this significant milestone in her son’s life.

In addition to her family-focused homecoming, Son Ye-jin’s professional sphere continues to shine. Gonnin Republic, a leading cosmetic brand, announced on November 24th their decision to appoint Son Ye-jin as the face of their new campaign. Known for their functional cosmetic line, Gonnin highlights products like nutrition creams and skin essences designed to rejuvenate tired skin, enhancing clarity and elasticity. Their commitment to quality has earned them several accolades, including the 2018 Quality Innovation Award, the Best Brand Award, and the 2023 National Preferred Brand Award.

Son Ye-jin, a renowned actress with a remarkable career, replete with numerous awards and recognitions, aligns perfectly with Gonnin’s brand values. Her timeless elegance and healthy beauty epitomize the brand’s ethos of restoring skin’s natural beauty. A representative from Gonnin expressed their enthusiasm about this partnership, stating that Son Ye-jin’s unchanging and elegant beauty resonates with their brand’s mission. They are confident that this collaboration will propel Gonnin into a distinguished and unique position in the market.

The collaboration with Gonnin is a testament to Son Ye-jin’s unwavering appeal and influence as a top actress. Her return to South Korea is not just a joyous occasion for her family, but also marks a significant stride in her career, promising a future of exciting endeavors and continued success. Congratulations to Son Ye-jin on both her personal and professional achievements!

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