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Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin includes special item in their love story! golf ball & harbin script for alkong’s doljab

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, the beloved South Korean celebrity couple, have been capturing the hearts of fans around the world with their remarkable love story. But what makes their journey even more special are the unique elements they’ve included in their relationship. From a golf ball to the Harbin script, their love story is filled with charming details.

A recent update has thrilled fans as they learned about the upcoming birthday celebration for baby Alkong. The event is already in full swing, promising to be a romantic and heartwarming doll party. This exciting news was shared on the official page of the party, and the caption read, “Hyun Bin, thank you for being with us. Rodol, thank you. Be happy.” This celebration is extra special because it marks baby Alkong’s first birthday.

What’s particularly enchanting is the inclusion of special items in Korean tradition, known as “doljabi” items, in baby Alkong’s celebration. These items are believed to symbolize the future path the child will take. For instance, a microphone suggests the baby will become an entertainer, a stethoscope points towards a career as a doctor, and a gavel signifies a future lawyer. There’s even a computer mouse, indicating a potential software engineering career, and a golf ball or baseball, suggesting an athletic future.

Son Ye Jin recently delighted her fans by sharing a photo on her Instagram account in which she’s seen wearing a handbook. It’s believed that this photo was taken during baby Alkong’s photoshoot for her first birthday celebration. This gesture showcases the meticulous preparations by mommy and daddy, Hyun Bin, as they eagerly anticipate their baby’s first birthday.

Time has flown by, and it’s hard to believe that baby Alkong will soon be turning one year old on November 27. It seems like just yesterday when Ms. Team confirmed the joyous news of Son Ye Jin giving birth. The first photo of baby Alkong, shared by Son Ye Jin, marked the beginning of this beautiful journey. Now, as their little one approaches her first birthday, it’s clear that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have cherished every moment of this remarkable chapter in their lives.

Their love story is not only about the two of them; it’s also about the love and dedication they pour into their family. With the golf ball and the Harbin script as symbols of their unique journey, they continue to inspire their fans and showcase the importance of love and family bonds.

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