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Son Ye Jin is very Excited for the Big Celebration of their Family! Hyun Bin so Proud!

Renowned actress Son Ye Jin recently shared her excitement and updates regarding the preparations for her son’s upcoming first birthday celebration. On October 26, Son Ye Jin took to Instagram to give her followers a glimpse into her family’s joyful preparations. In the post, she expressed her gratitude with a heartfelt message.

In the accompanying photo, Son Ye Jin was captured wearing an apron, indicating her active involvement in organizing her son’s milestone celebration. It’s heartwarming to see her dedication to making this day special for her little one.

Fans of the beloved actress have been treated to glimpses of her family’s daily life through her Instagram updates, and recently, she made a special appearance on a golf YouTube channel. During this appearance, she opened up about her journey into motherhood and reflected on the challenges and joys it has brought her.

Son Ye Jin shared that she had experienced some difficult moments during pregnancy and childbirth, but the happiness her child brings her is unlike anything she has ever felt before. She described it as living in a different world, especially after dedicating 20 years to her career. This new chapter in her life has shifted her focus to her family, and she couldn’t be happier.

Her priority now is to take the best possible care of her child and be a devoted wife and mother, pouring all her energy and love into her family. This transformation in her life has brought immense happiness and contentment, and she is looking forward to celebrating her son’s first birthday.

Baby Alkong, Son Ye Jin’s son, will be turning one on November 27, and the actress is bubbling with excitement as she looks forward to celebrating this significant milestone. Her dedication to making her child’s first birthday a special and unforgettable one is a testament to the love and joy that parenthood has brought into her life. Son Ye Jin’s journey as a mother has transformed her, and her happiness shines through as she eagerly anticipates this upcoming celebration.

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