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Son Ye Jin, Lim Ji Yeon, and other female actors don’t hesitate to dress differently while playing sexy situations.

Son Ye Jin
Son Ye Jin began her career at the age of 18, and she made an impression with a number of parts in “Summer Perfume,” “Classic,” and “Moment to Remember.”
Son Ye Jin was given the moniker “national first love” at the time by the public for her ability to make the other person swoon as they were in their first romantic relationship.
However, after playing a number of harmless parts, Son Ye Jin shocked everyone by deciding to alter her appearance and breach the inherent safety. In the films “April Snow,” “White Night,” “Open City,” and “My Wife Got Married,” the actress herself starred in a number of steamy sequences.
The audience said that Son Ye Jin’s audacity and the quantity of films featuring 18+ scenes both grown over time. She only strives for professionalism, making sacrifices only for the sake of art.
Notably, in this series, Joo In Ah’s part in the film “My Wife Got Married” allowed her win the Best Actress prize and, at the age of 26, become the regent of the coveted Blue Dragon Award.
She now has a lovely marriage to Hyun Bin and a successful profession.
Song Ji Hyo
The public used to remember Song Ji Hyo for her young appearance in “The Royal Palace” and “The Legend of Jumong.” The actress’s decision to take on the lead part in the movie, however, was a significant turning point for her career. Jo In Sung and Joo Jin Mo are two of the co-stars in “Song Hoa whore.”
Song Ji Hyo surprised and drew criticism from many with the risky sequences that she and her co-stars executed on-screen for the first time without the assistance of a stunt double.
Song Ji Hyo disregarded the clamor and continued to insist that she had no regrets about taking part in the project: “When I accepted the role of Song Hoa Whore, I never once considered whether I needed to open or take off my condom. much, it makes no difference.
The purpose of the bed scenes is to assist the spectator comprehend the characters’ emotional and psychological growth. So I constantly pay attention to my facial emotions in addition to performing in the stance the director demands. According to Hancinema, “We don’t do sexy moments solely to make the movie sexier.
When Song Ji Hyo took part in the Korean version of Running Man, her career once again took off, and she was given the opportunity to perform in several films and TV programs.
Lim Ji Yeon
In a number of short films, Lim Ji Yeon debuted in 2010 with minor parts. She struggled for four years before starring alongside her 14-year-old co-star Song Seung Hun in the 18+ film “Obsessed.”
Despite the uproar the project generated over the excessive number of steamy scenes featuring the lead pair, Lim Ji Yeon once told The Chosun Ilbo magazine that despite the pressure, she still had faith in her co-star and the plot. If I concentrate on the whole narrative rather than simply the naked moments, the strain is also lessened, she said.
Following the film, the female lead proceeded to act in the similarly “hot” film “The Treachrous.” The actress had several steamy encounters with her co-stars on film.
But according to Lim Ji Yeon, she decided to take part because she “could not resist the attraction of the storyline as well as the unique characters of the film.”
Lim Ji Yeon’s name is more well known as a result of these two movies. The public refers to her as the “hot scene queen” of Korean cinema. She has been in many TV shows and most recently in “The Glory,” which she co-starred in with Song Hye Kyo.
Chun Woo Hee
With her plump and innocent features, Chun Woo Hee steadily created an impact on the public since she began performing in 2004. She shocked many people in 2009, nevertheless, when she agreed to portray a heated scene in the film “Mother.” The star from 1987 has a lot of risk-taking sequences on the big screen.
Chun Woo Hee said that she is not too hesitant to take on this scene since she has been acting since she was a little kid while speaking about this part in a TV drama. The other is that, as an actor, she doesn’t care if the scenes are naked or not.
Chun Woo Hee has since put a lot of effort into her painting. Thanks to the film “Han Gong Ju,” she took home six Best Actress prizes in 2014 and established herself as the Queen at several film awards ceremonies.
She is now the director of choice for psychologically complex characters.



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