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Son Ye Jin made a dazzling appearanceat KALDAT2023 as Neuramis Global Brand Ambassador.

Renowned actress Son Yejin made a dazzling appearance at the prestigious KALDAT2023 event, held in Seoul, as the Global Brand Ambassador for Neuramis. The event, which focuses on the latest developments in dermatology and aesthetic technology, was the perfect platform for Neuramis to showcase its innovative products with Son Yejin as the face of the brand.

Son Yejin, best known for her roles in acclaimed films and television series, has recently taken on the mantle of Neuramis’ Global Brand Ambassador. Her presence at KALDAT2023 not only elevated the event’s glamour but also highlighted the synergy between the world of entertainment and the burgeoning field of aesthetic science.

Neuramis, a leading player in the skincare and aesthetic industry, has been at the forefront of developing advanced hyaluronic acid fillers. These products are renowned for their safety, efficacy, and natural results, aligning with the modern consumer’s desire for minimally invasive beauty solutions.

At the event, Son Yejin participated in various sessions, discussing the importance of skincare and the role of innovative products in enhancing natural beauty. Her speech underscored the brand’s philosophy of ‘Beauty with Care’, emphasizing that aesthetic treatments should not only be about external beauty but also about self-care and wellness.

In an interview, Son Yejin expressed her enthusiasm for her role as a brand ambassador. “It’s an honor to represent a brand that is dedicated to advancing beauty technology in a responsible and caring way,” she said. “Neuramis’ values resonate with my own beliefs about beauty and wellness, and I am thrilled to be part of this journey.”

The partnership between Son Yejin and Neuramis is seen as a significant step in bridging the gap between celebrity influence and the scientific world of beauty and aesthetics. The actress’ widespread appeal and Neuramis’ innovative approach are expected to create a powerful synergy, inspiring consumers to embrace beauty in a holistic and informed manner.

As the event concluded, Son Yejin’s presence as the Global Brand Ambassador was hailed as a success. Her eloquence and grace in representing Neuramis were not just a testament to her professionalism but also a beacon of inspiration for those looking to navigate the world of beauty with confidence and care.

The KALDAT2023 event has set a new benchmark in the industry, with Son Yejin’s participation being a highlight. As Neuramis continues to grow and innovate, their collaboration with Son Yejin is poised to redefine the landscape of aesthetic beauty and skincare.


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