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Son Ye Jin Makes Pangling When Appears With Front Bangs, Hyun Bin’s Wife Is So Cute!

Son Ye Jin managed to make a fuss with her cute appearance.
Usually appearing without bangs, Son Ye Jin is styled to show off her front bangs.
To make a fuss, let’s take a peek at Son Ye Jin’s cute appearance, who looks very different from usual. Son Ye Jin’s figure is endlessly stealing attention. Besides a career, Son Ye Jin’s beautiful appearance is also a constant topic of conversation.
Like when she married Hyun Bin on March 31, 2022. From the pre-wedding session to the wedding day, Son Ye Jin always looks perfect in the luxurious clothes she wears so beautifully. Besides clothes, makeup for Son Ye Jin’s hairstyle also always succeeds in making her look stunning. Talking about Son Ye Jin’s style, one of the things that often adorns her appearance is Hyun Bin’s wife’s mainstay hairstyle.
She is known to often appear with long hair. Son Ye Jin also rarely appears with bangs when appearing in public or her various uploads on Instagram. But who would have thought that recently Son Ye Jin dared to be different? Unlike usual, this time, Son Ye Jin appeared with new hair.
Keeping it long, Son Ye Jin just sweetened her hairstyle with the addition of front bangs. And who would have thought Son Ye Jin’s appearance with front bangs made her face look even cuter.
Not only that, but Hyun Bin’s wife also looks more youthful with front bangs that adorn her appearance.
Son Ye Jin’s beautiful style was seen in the Thirty-Nine series episode 12. So that’s how Son Ye Jin looked when she showed off her front bangs.
Son Ye Jin’s style with front bangs like this makes her face cute and more youthful!



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