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Son Ye Jin Makes Up Like A Socialite, Pregnant Pregnant Women Wear Classy Jewelry For The Price Of A House.

In a Luxury magazine photo shoot, Seo Ye Jin looks beautiful with socialite-style makeup.
During her pregnancy, Son Ye Jin looked stunning in her all-pink Maison Valentino outfit.
Her appearance was complemented by crystal earrings and a luxurious ring from Swarovski.
Although Son Ye Jin’s outfit looks simple, the price for each item she wears is very high, even reaching tens of millions of rupiah.
Through photos taken by Luxury, Son Ye Jin is wearing a Crepe Couture Blazer and Crepe Couture Pants from Valentino’s Fall and Winter 2022/2023 editions.
Quoted from @Sonyejin.Fashion, the price of the Crepe Couture Blazer from Valentino is 4,700 USD, while the Crepe Couture Pants are 2,260 USD.
In addition to a blazer and pants, the Crash Landing On You actress was seen wearing Enamel Pumps shoes for 920 USD and a Vsling Yejin Edition bag for 2,530 USD.
Plus, her appearance is complemented by two types of crystal jewelry from Swarovski: earrings and rings.
The variant of the earrings she wears is Vlogo Signature Earrings for 485 USD.
Meanwhile, the ring variants worn are Rockstud Metal Ring for 680 USD and Metal Rockstud Ring for 410 USD.
Son Ye Jin’s appearance for the Luxury magazine photo shoot reached 11,966 USD.
Son Ye Jin often appears wrapped in clothes from the Valentino brand.
Launching Vanity Teen, the Italian luxury brand has appointed Son Ye Jin as its ambassador or brand ambassador.
This fall, Valentino and Son Ye Jin collaborated to design a luxury bag called the Vsling Yejin Edition which Ye Jin also wore at the Luxury photo shoot.
Not only known as an actress and socialite, but Son Ye Jin is also the wife of South Korean A-class actor (South Korea), Hyun Bin.
His wedding took place in March this year and was attended by several top South Korean celebrities.
Currently, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are waiting for the birth of their baby.
Previously, she announced the news of her pregnancy through her personal Instagram on June 27, 2022.
Through her upload, she stated that she was grateful to have a baby and wanted to take care of her womb as best as possible.



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