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Son Ye Jin misses baby alkong& Hyun Bin already! alkong misses his mom, become emotional.

South Korean actress Son Ye-Jin is experiencing the bittersweet reality of motherhood and career as she parts ways with her beloved son, Baby Alkong, due to her demanding schedule. The emotional farewells shared between mother and son are heart-touching, with Baby Alkong showing signs of being particularly clingy and emotional in his mother’s absence.

As Son Ye-Jin waves goodbye, her eyes well up with tears, a clear indication of the strong bond she shares with her son. Despite the necessity of her departure, due to her professional commitments, the separation is visibly challenging for both.

Baby Alkong, in the care of his father, Hyun Bin, finds himself in safe and loving hands. Hyun Bin, embracing his role as a father, has promised to provide the utmost care for their son during Son Ye-Jin’s absence. This assurance is bolstered by the support of both Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin’s parents, who are always ready to assist when one of them is away for work.

The distance, however, does not diminish the connection between mother and son. Son Ye-Jin frequently engages in video calls with Baby Alkong, making efforts to bring laughter and joy to their virtual interactions. These moments are precious for both, bridging the gap created by physical distance.

Meanwhile, Baby Alkong enjoys quality time with his father. Their bonding sessions, filled with playful activities, cuddles, and shared naps, highlight the special father-son relationship. Hyun Bin, like many fathers, cherishes these moments with his son, creating memories that transcend the ordinary.

In a surprising turn, Son Ye-Jin was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport, stunning onlookers in a chic Valentino outfit. She is set to fly to New York to fulfill ongoing professional commitments. Her journey, though essential for her career, is yet another reminder of the balancing act she performs as a working mother, continually navigating the complexities of career and family life.

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