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Son Ye Jin Opens Up About Her Family in Imjinhan Class.

Son Ye Jin, the beloved South Korean actress, is set to reveal intimate details about her family life in an upcoming episode of Imjinhan Class. Fans are eagerly anticipating this episode, and it promises to be a heartwarming glimpse into her personal world.

In the recently released preview for Sunny Agents’ episode, Son Ye Jin is preparing to discuss her family, including her husband and their baby, for the very first time. In this sneak peek, her interview with Mr. Lim showcases her trademark happiness and contentment that have endeared her to audiences over the years.

Notably, the preview also includes a discussion about Son Ye Jin’s married life and her passion for golf, all before they engage in a friendly game. It’s worth mentioning that this interview took place during a time when Hyun Bin, her husband, accompanied her to the filming location of Imjinhan Class, even serving as her supportive photographer.

The conversation in the preview exudes positivity and joy, reflecting the happiness that Son Ye Jin currently feels in her life. Fans can’t wait for the full interview, which is scheduled to air on September 20th at approximately 6 PM KST on the YouTube Golf Channel of Imjinhan Class. It promises to provide more in-depth insights into her life.

Currently, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are relishing their time together with their son, Baby El Kong, and their furry feline companion. Fans are delighted to witness the couple’s dedication to their family while balancing their work commitments. Their ability to prioritize both family and careers showcases their commitment to what truly matters.

Recently, the couple was spotted enjoying a quality meal together at a restaurant, reinforcing the sense of togetherness that defines their relationship.

In summary, the upcoming episode of Imjinhan Class featuring Son Ye Jin promises an intimate and heartwarming look into the actress’s family life. Fans eagerly await the full interview on September 20th, where they can learn more about her happiness and contentment in her personal life. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin continue to be a source of inspiration as they prioritize their family and each other, making them a beloved couple in the world of South Korean entertainment. Stay tuned for this exciting episode!

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