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Son Ye-jin Opens Up About How Baby Alkong Has Transformed Her Life and Her Relationship with Husband Hyun Bin.

In a candid and heartfelt interview, renowned South Korean actress Son Ye-jin revealed how the arrival of their baby, Alkong, has brought profound changes to her life and strengthened her bond with her husband, Hyun Bin. The actress also shared some intimate details about her married life during the interview, which took place in part two of her conversation with Lim Jin-han on his YouTube channel.

Son Ye Jin, who has been actively pursuing her acting career for many years, expressed how her priorities have shifted since becoming a wife and mother. She explained, “I have been working as an actress vigorously for many years. Now that I am married and have a baby, I’m in a place where I need to focus on my family.”

During the interview, Sonan also delighted fans by revealing what their baby, Alkong, looks like. She shared, “As for my baby, we were told that she resembles both of us. They say from her eyes up here resembles me, and she got the rest from Hun (Hyun Bin).” She added that a baby’s appearance changes as they grow, but for now, Baby Alkong bears a resemblance to her, which brings her great joy.

When asked about her return to the screen, Sonan acknowledged her eager fans and assured them of her comeback. She stated, “I know my fans are eager to see me on screen once again. I will definitely come back.”

The conversation also delved into Sonan’s experience as a mother, raising Baby Alkong. She admitted that parenting is challenging, but the happiness and fulfillment it brings are unparalleled. She shared, “Raising a child is difficult, but the joy that he brings, I’ve never experienced it in my life ever, and I just love my son. He is the apple of my eye.”

Throughout the interview, Son Ye Jin radiated happiness and contentment. She appeared as a picture of a happy woman, a devoted wife, and a loving mother. Her words and demeanor painted a touching portrait of a life enriched by the presence of Baby Alkong and the unwavering support of her husband, Hyun Bin.

As the interview concluded, Son Ye Jin expressed her gratitude to her viewers and fans, saying, “Thank you for watching. See you on my next video.”

Son Ye-jin’s interview provided an intimate glimpse into her life as a mother and wife, highlighting the transformative power of family and love in the life of this beloved actress.

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