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Son Ye-Jin Proudly Talks About Hyun Bin and Son Baby Alkong on Her Upcoming Appearance.

In an eagerly awaited teaser for Son Ye Jin’s upcoming appearance on the “I’m Chinhan Golf Class” YouTube channel, fans were treated to a delightful glimpse of the beloved actress. Son Ye-Jin, radiant and more beautiful than ever, joined the show’s host, I’m Chinhan, and left viewers excited for what’s to come.

As she settled in for the interview, Son Ye-Jin expressed her gratitude to her fans, saying, “Thank you for coming, even when you are so busy.” She then revealed some exciting news, exclaiming, “Yes, we met again. I got married, and I also had a baby.”

This revelation left fans thrilled and eager to learn more about her married life with Hyun Bin and their new addition, baby Al Kong. It was evident that “Mommy Suniation” was incredibly proud of her family life, and her happiness radiated from her.

During the interview, Son Ye-Jin wore a constant smile and seemed to be genuinely content. She mentioned her improved golf skills, prompting I’m Chinhan to inquire further. She responded, “That’s why I can play with other people. They all have a misconception that you don’t have to practice your swing.” Son Ye-Jin made it clear that golf isn’t as easy as it may seem, emphasizing the dedication required to excel at the sport.

The upcoming episode promises to be an exciting one, as fans eagerly anticipate seeing Son Ye-Jin showcase her golfing skills once again. The full episode of Son Ye-Jin’s appearance on “I’m Chinhan Golf Class” will be released on September 20, and fans are already buzzing with excitement. Share your thoughts and join the anticipation for this highly awaited episode.

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