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Son Ye-jin Radiates Joy as She Talks About Her Husband Hyun Bin and Married.

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Lim Jinhan’s golf class, featuring the lovely Son Ye Jin. The Ocean’s episode is finally here, and Son Ye Jin couldn’t have been more delighted to join us. She warmly greeted the audience and expressed her excitement about reconnecting with her fans.

During the show, Lim Jinhan couldn’t help but inquire about Son Ye Jin’s husband, the dashing Hyun Bin. With a rosy blush and a giggle, Son Ye Jin proudly acknowledged that, yes, he is a great golfer, leaving no doubt that she’s a proud wife.

Lim Jin Han didn’t stop there; he was curious if the couple often played golf together. Son Ye Jin revealed that after she decided to be on the show, she asked Hyun Bin to join her, and he happily agreed. She also shared that when they play, Hyun Bin is not just her partner but also her coach. He astutely points out some of her golfing flaws and helps her correct them. It seems their marital teamwork extends to the golf course!

As if that weren’t exciting enough, it was revealed during the interview that Lim Jinhan had attended Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s wedding. A precious photo from the special day was shared with the audience, bringing back cherished memories.

Lim Jinhan didn’t miss the opportunity to ask Son Ye Jin about her busy life as a married woman and a mother. Son Ye Jin admitted that, for now, she doesn’t have much time to indulge in golf. However, Lim Jinhan was genuinely amazed by her golfing skills. She swings like a pro and looks absolutely stunning on the golf course.

Indeed, it was a foreign feeling to see Son Ye Jin once again, so happy and bubbly, as she always is. She truly is an incredible woman, a devoted mom, and a loving wife.

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