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Son Ye Jin Radiates Timeless Beauty in Hanbok on Her Son’s Special Day?

Recently, on her personal social media page, Son Ye Jin shared some photos alongside a few close friends. What caught everyone’s attention during this appearance was her donning a traditional Hanbok attire.

Accompanying the two images, Son Ye Jin expressed her gratitude with a simple message: “Thank you all so much.”

Dressed in traditional Hanbok, Son Ye Jin left a lasting impression with her exquisite beauty, looking more radiant than ever, maintaining the classic “1-child” look.

This rare sighting of Son Ye Jin wearing Hanbok has left the public speculating. Some believe that these photos might be from a special celebration marking her son’s first birthday. After all, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s son was born in November 2022, so it’s entirely plausible that the couple decided to host an early first birthday party for their little one. Of course, these are just speculations from the online community, and no official confirmation has been provided.

The intricate beauty of the Hanbok Son Ye Jin wore in these new photos has sparked conversations and fueled anticipation about what might have been a heartfelt celebration for the couple’s beloved child. Nevertheless, fans of the celebrity duo continue to admire Son Ye Jin’s elegance and the mystery surrounding the event.

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