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Son Ye Jin received special gift for her second child & Her son Alkong in New York!

South Korean actress Son Ye Jin recently experienced a surge of love and support in New York, as she received a special gift that holds significant meaning for her growing family. As her son Alkong nears his first birthday, the anticipation for a second child with her husband, actor Hyun Bin, is palpable.

Two days before baby Alkong turns one, the couple is embracing the joy of parenthood. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have both chosen expensive gifts for their son, marking this milestone with love and affection. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin’s receipt of a heartwarming gift in New York has sparked excitement among fans, as it symbolizes hope for their second child.

Expressing her gratitude, Son Ye Jin acknowledged the thoughtfulness behind the gift. She was spotted at the airport, initially masked amidst a crowd, but revealed her identity to warmly greet a devoted fan and sign an autograph. This act of kindness reflects her approachable and sweet demeanor.

Son Ye Jin also extended her thanks to Hyun Bin and her parents for their unwavering support during this significant time in their lives. Fans of the couple are abuzz with excitement over rumors of them planning for a second child, with many anticipating a joyful addition to their family in 2024.

The couple’s first child, Alkong, is set to celebrate his first birthday on November 27, with fans, relatives, and close friends invited to this special occasion. The anticipation for updates from this beloved couple, especially regarding baby Alkong, remains high as they continue to capture the hearts of their fans worldwide.

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