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Son Ye Jin Receives a Heartwarming Gift in New York Amidst Hopes for a Second Child with Hyun Bin.

Renowned actress Son Ye Jin experienced a touching moment during her recent visit to New York. At the airport, an anonymous fan presented her with a unique gift – a kid bear design for a cell phone, along with another undisclosed item. Son Ye Jin was deeply moved by this gesture, especially knowing that the fan had waited hours to bestow this surprise upon her.

Expressing her gratitude, Son Ye Jin acknowledged the effort and affection behind the gift. She was seen at the airport, initially masked amidst the crowd, but she momentarily removed it to warmly greet and sign an autograph for a devoted fan. This act of kindness is a testament to her sweet and approachable nature.

Son Ye Jin’s trip to New York is brief, primarily for a photo shoot with the luxury brand Valentino. She has meticulously prepared for this engagement, extending her heartfelt thanks to her husband, Hyun Bin, and her parents for their unwavering support during these times.

Fans of the couple are abuzz with excitement as there are whispers of them planning for a second child. The anticipation is high, with many expecting this joyful addition to their family in 2024. This news adds a layer of joy to her trip, as fans eagerly await more updates from this beloved couple.


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