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Son Ye Jin revealed her pregnant belly, round face in a series of behind-the-scenes moments.

Recently, a drink brand represented by Son Ye Jin released a clip of an advertisement filmed by the actress recently.
Fans across online forums quickly shared the new advertisement for Hyun Bin’s wife. The public could not help but admire the beautiful and charming beauty of “pregnant mother” Son Ye Jin. Through the published images, everyone commented that Son Ye Jin’s face looked rounder after a period of pregnancy. However, the beauty of Son Ye Jin is not so degraded; on the contrary, it is more salty and attractive.
In the behind-the-scenes moments of close-up filming, Son Ye Jin’s protruding second round has become the focus of public attention. Since announcing the good news of being pregnant with her first child with her husband Hyun Bin, this is a rare time that Son Ye Jin revealed her pregnant belly in the first months of pregnancy.



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