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Son Ye Jin revealed her training tips to stay in shape for more than 10 years.

Son Ye Jin is a famous actress with a slim body and smooth skin despite turning 40.
The actress is not only famous for her acting and beauty but also admired for her toned and toned body at the age of 40.
In the Korean program Master in the house (2018), she said that her current appearance results from hard training with Pilates and TRX (entire body exercise with resistance bands).
Pilates is named after its inventor – Joseph Pilates, a German-born in England and then America.
He devised Pilates as a new approach to exercise and body conditioning in the 1920s.
The pilates fitness method is quite popular in the US and the West. Pilates is a low-intensity exercise that strengthens muscles and improves posture and flexibility.
It is also known as an instant belly fat loss exercise and is one of the practical height increase exercises.
Son Ye Jin also revealed that she has a professional Pilates teacher certificate and practices at least an hour a day.
She said: “As soon as I started a new film project, I didn’t have enough time to take care of myself. So while I have the opportunity, I will try to exercise and eat healthy.”
Exercises Son Ye Jin does in each practice session
Complete body exercises with resistance bands – TRX and Pilates is a training regimen that Son Ye Jin has maintained for over 10 years.
She said she started with exercises like squats, lunges, step-ups, planks, mountain climbers, in and out, and other moves on the resistance rope.
These exercises help train the upper body, lower body and core muscles.
After a 30-minute TRX workout, you can start your pilates workout in about an hour. This exercise is one of the most popular and is followed by most Kpop actresses and idols.
So it will help you get a toned waist, toned abs, and beautiful and flexible buttocks.
In addition, Pilates can be practised on a yoga mat or combined with some simple equipment and machines.
Therefore, everyone can practice at any place without necessarily going to the gym or owning a spacious, dedicated space for practice.
Son Ye Jin’s diet
Not only applying regular exercise, but Son Ye Jin also follows a healthy diet.
In the morning, she often eats cereal, fruit juice, eggs, yoghurt, etc. In addition, Son Ye-Jin likes to drink lemonade to provide water and keep herself fresh throughout the day.
Son Ye-Jin’s diet includes:
Breakfast: 1 avocado, 1 egg, weight loss juice
Snack: Detox tea or protein smoothie
Lunch: Chicken breast, 1 bowl of rice, vegetables
Dinner: Seafood, salads
Son Ye Jin exercises to keep fit regularly to help her get a slim and toned body. Son Ye Jin’s diet also includes healthy foods that help her stay in shape.
Above is the secret of Son Ye Jin’s exercise and diet to keep fit; I hope the information is helpful to you.



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